Xcode 3.2.2 on Snow Leopard does not support building new AppleScript applications anymore. It does allow you to edit pre-builded AppleScript projects, but you need to enable the AppleScript Studio palette in Xcode, which is hidden… I’ve build an installer package that will take care of it all and restore this feature in Xcode 3.2.2.

What it does is to automatically install “AppleScript Application”, “AppleScript Automator Action” and “AppleScript Droplet”new project templates to “/Developer/Library/Xcode/Project Templates/Application/”. This package will also automatically enable the hidden AppleScript Studio palette with the following command:

defaults write com.apple.InterfaceBuilder3 IBEnableAppleScriptStudioSupport -bool YES

Download the Installer Package

Quick start AppleScript application guide:

Open Xcode and click “Create a new Xcode project”. You will be presented with the following screen:

On the right, click on “AppleScript Application” and then the “Choose” button. Give your project a name and click “Save”. You will be presented with the following screen:

Double click the MainMenu.xib file for the Interface Builder App to open up. In the Library pane, as shown below, type “button” in the search area. All button options will be shown:

Drag your button to the blank Window UI that you are designing:

We now need to link the button to our scripting code. Single click on the button and go to the Inspector AppleScript tab as shown below. Make the changes where marked in red:

In the Interface Builder main menu, click File and then Save. Close Interface Builder. You will now be back at the following screen:

Single click on yourProject.applescript to reveal the code. Add your code to the area where it says "(Add your script here.*)". Then lastly click the “Build and Run” button. You will now have an App that will do what the code tells it to when the button is clicked!