This is a two part guide to setup and configure a completely locked down kiosk Linux system that can be used in kiosk booths or as in my case as a client system for Call Centers with a web driven backend. Nice thing is that to have your agents work on different systems (Web Backends), you can update all workstations in batch to point to a new “URL” (backend system) that they need to work on.

Setting up read-only SNMP community and sending SNMP traps to a central SNMP trap receiver, on Cisco devices. Some options like Spanning-tree, under the trap configuration, will not neccessary be available on all devices.

Using a Cisco router to do the routing and a 3COM 4500 Superstack III switch for the VLANs, 802.1Q trunk setup. I’m not going to use port 1 on the switch, as this belongs to the native VLAN1. Also remember that all the other ports on the switch, not assigned to their own VLANs, will also by default belong to VLAN1. In other words, all devices plugged into any of the VLAN1 ports, will be able to see each other by default!

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