The Mac OS X Lion, Native VPN client, with Cisco IPSEC EasyVPN Server was NOT working properly for myself. The problem I faced was that traffic was NOT passed to the remote LAN when connected to VPN. Split-tunnel and normal EasyVPN setups did NOT work.

Xcode 3.2.2 on Snow Leopard does not support building new AppleScript applications anymore. It does allow you to edit pre-builded AppleScript projects, but you need to enable the AppleScript Studio palette in Xcode, which is hidden… I’ve build an installer package that will take care of it all and restore this feature in Xcode 3.2.2.

What it does is to automatically install “AppleScript Application”, “AppleScript Automator Action” and “AppleScript Droplet”

A script I’ve put together to make my DSL PPPOE dialup persistant. First open the DD-WRT web interface, set WAN to PPPOE and configure a dummy username and password. Then go to Administration, Commands and paste the following script. Change your DSL username and password and save it, Startup Script.

Setting up and running a full-fletched DNS server on Cisco IOS, most users will probably only need to do the following to enable the Cisco IOS DNS server for name lookups: For a more advanced DNS server configuration please read on…

Cisco use HDLC encapsulation by default for point-to-point serial links. This is how to setup PPP encapsulation with authentication, but without encryption.

Encapsulation must be the same on both routers.

Configuring a Cisco router to log to a central Syslog server. The options include configuring the local buffer size, log levels and the transport protocol being used, UDP or TCP.

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